Occupancy sensor/Motion sensors

Simple as it may be, turning off the air conditioning can be an inconvenience, especially if in a rush or after a long day’s work. It’s very easy to forget so by installing an AIRCOPANCY based air conditioning control, staffs don’t have to think about it and employers don’t have to worry about the kilowatts that are being wasted by employees forgetting. Everything will be safely turned off giving complete peace of mind. To find out how we can help you to save energy or to discover more about the actions and tools Stephand Solutions uses to deliver a more sustainable future for all its partners.

28 watt Gorilla Ceiling Fans

Our BLDC fans, consuming just 28W at full speed, this super-efficient smart ceiling fan have the potential to reduce your electricity bill by up to Ghc160/year. The output performance (RPM and air delivery spread) are also much better than the existing conventional fans in the market) It is a BLDC Fan from Atomberg Technologies – India.. The Gorilla fans consume only 28 watt as compared to the normal 75watt. We have table fans, Ceiling Fans, and Pedestal fans with remote smart remote control.


Air Conditioning accounts for 70 to 80% of most normal office/home energy bill. Air-condition energy saving device – Aircosaver  is a unique, state of the art energy saving device based on German technology designed specifically to save energy on all window, split and package AC’s from 1 to 20 ton capacity. It gives you savings of your electricity Bill from 15%  up 30% in some cases more


We also deal in electronic appliances such as CCTV, Access Control, and Televisions with our own Branding. We own the EXLG Televisions ranging from 32” inches to 55” inches. We also sell Electronic appliances such as Electric Grills, Fufupounding machines, Electric non stick saucepans


We also deal in Sugar from Brazil and Milk powder from Polland…


Capitalizing on its long-term industrial experience in Automation sector, Stephand Solutions conducts various training programs specially tailored for Individuals, Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges in Local Area Cabling Network, CCTV, Access control and BMS automation.

Stephand Solutions provides a well-disposed and stimulating study environment addressing the intellectual, professional and leader development of students. 

Our training programs provide the best practice in the latest technologies, trends and challenges in the competitive areas of automation and related information Technologies• Selection of Camera• Cabling and Termination• Different Types of Cameras• Night Vision Systems• DVR Configuration • NVR Configuration • IP Cameras and Networking• Remote Monitoring Through Phone and Internet

Security Systems – Intruder Alarms• GSM Enabled Control Panel• PIR Sensors• Vibration Sensors• Gas Leakage Detectors• EM Locks• Beam Sensors

Biometric Access Control – Honeywell

• RFID Cards

• Installation and Configuration

• Finger Print Access

• Report Preparation

• Magnetic Locks